Triangle Concepts

Graphic Novels

Triangle Concepts develops Graphic Novels. Some are based on the TC Universe and fall under original work owned by Triangle Concepts, but I've also written scripts based upon existing IP's, to which I claim no rights and can be considered fan-fiction.

Video Game Development

At Triangle Concepts we have 2 projects in development. They're developed in collaboration with talented professionals to support me with engineering, art, animation and design. I'm responsible for the games's story and high level game design. These are all unique stories that fall under the TC Universe, owned by Triangle Concepts

Triangle Concepts

Triangle Concepts is the name of my company, which I use for development of my personal work. I write film scripts & develop stories & narratives for video games. My personal work forms the base for all of TC's projects which can be found on this site.

TC Portfolio

These are all of TC Projects

Graphic Novel – Devil Hunters

Graphic Novel based on the TC Universe’s Devil Hunters. All rights revered to © 2017 Triangle Concepts.

Video Game – Up the Hill

Web-Based Score Attack game. All rights revered to © 2017 Triangle Concepts.

Video Game – Devil Hunters

Devil Hunters is a game development project with the Unreal 4 engine. All rights revered to © 2017 Triangle Concepts.


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Dev Diaries

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